Silence Sounds and Spaces

An aural journey through Neolithic Sites of the Maltese Islands,
featuring unique on-site recordings


About Silence Sounds and Spaces

SILENCE SOUNDS AND SPACES is a contemporary concept project created and performed by RENZO SPITERI, one of Malta’s foremost musicians and creative ambassadors of culture. Inspired by the treasured Neolithic sites of the Maltese Islands (most of which enjoy UNESCO World Heritage Site listing), the work is best described as art music with rich, engaging and deeply expressive soundscapes and a skilful blend of an extraordinary world of sounds, non-conventional instruments and powerful visuals of Malta’s stunning archaeological sites. The result is a “chilling, mysterious, and forward-thinking musical journey” that draws listeners in to Renzo’s personal musical universe.

"Silence Sounds and Spaces is about creating a painting in notes and sounds through a transparent and simple score. My music is becoming more of a soundtrack... the concert is not about fast rhythms, but about building music that people will enjoy listening to, where the melodic aspect comes to the forefront. The music is a tapestry of sounds overlaying each other, weaving ideas together."
Renzo Spiteri, 2011

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About Renzo

"When Renzo Spiteri presents his music it is quite an event. This very versatile and creative musician goes beyond being a highly specialised and accomplished percussionist.” The TimesRenzo Spiteri is a creative musician renowned for speaking multiple languages with his hands. He collaborates on a stunning number of projects that undertake to bring together a wide range of musicians, as well as solo projects where there is a spirit of enquiry, seeking to discover how variant rhythms and sounds work together.His artistic versatility and passion for the creative use of sound has over the years allowed him to develop fresh musical possibilities and unlimited modes of expression. He aptly merges his role of musician with that of composer, musical director and producer, acting as a strong linking point between the music itself and other genres of artistic expression, be it a film, dance choreography, theatre production, literature recital or visual installation. His artistic sensitivity, intrinsic musicality, stylistic breadth and penchant for non-traditional approaches to composition provide the perfect ingredients in creating a solid technique and vocabulary allowing for the creation of innovative multimedia performance work. Renzo is an endorsed artiste for Toca Percussion, Paiste Cymbals & Gongs, Yamaha Drums & Hardware, and Schlagwerk Percussion and is supported by Olimpus Music (Malta).- read more about Renzo

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